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    Sexy Body 2.0 Programs


    Sexy Body 2.0 Program is an advanced, more intensive juice cleanse for you to sculpt a strong and sexy body.


    The energizing 10-bottle-a-day plan is created with a delicious range of leafy vegetables, fruits, and herbs to give you a variety of beneficial nutrients. Color-rich, low-calorie vegetable-based juices go a little deeper to detox, speed up your metabolism, and promote the health of intestinal flora. 



    KiKi Spicy Juice


    Inspired by juice-pairing, Water Juicery proudly presents the new juice flavor – KiKi Spicy juice which is the crossover product with Taiwanese’s best-selling KiKi noodles. The ingredients include celery, pineapple and ginger, tastes sweet and a bit spicy, it helps to relieve gastrointestinal irritation, provides the vitamin C you need for a whole day.


    KiKi Spicy juice is best match with KiKi noodles, it can enhance the flavor of noodles and bring you an unexpected taste! From now on,  you can enjoy the juice pairing experience at home.

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