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1-DAY to 3-DAY Michelin Chef Programs

Suggest to start
your 1 to 3-Day Programs on any Tuesday to Friday, to ensure the freshest juices you will receive.

1-Day and 2-Day Programs:
We will deliver all juices in one go, please ensure there is enough space in the refrigerator for immediate storage upon receipt.

3-Day Program:
We will separate the order into 2 deliveries over the course of the program.
  • 1st Delivery – Day before start of cleanse for juices of Day 1 & 2.
  • 2nd Delivery – Day 1 of cleanse for juices of Day 3.

6-DAY Michelin Chef Menu

Suggest to start
the 6-Day Michelin Chef Menu on Tuesday.

3rd delivery is FREE
We will separate the order into 3 deliveries over the course of the program, whereas the 3rd delivery is free of charge.
delivery is only available to be made in the sequence of Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
All juices will be delivered to you in a Water Juicery cooler bag with ice pack(s).

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Place your order through our website
before 4pm to receive the juice in 2 working days (Any order after 4pm will be delivered 3 working days after). We will make sure you receive the freshest juice we make.

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to our Hang Seng Bank account 787-714088-001 (company name: Fancy Cheer Limited), and send the bank slip (please mark with your order code on it) to, within 2 working days of your order confirmation on our website. Delivery will be arranged after receipt of payment and will be confirmed by our Customer Service team via email.

No same-day order is available.





$ 700

  • 10 Cold-Pressed juices
  • 6 packs of Protein Powder
  • 1 pack of Fiber Powder
  • 1 pack of Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 1 Cooler Bag & Ice Pack



$ 1200

  • 20 Cold-Pressed juices
  • 12 packs of Protein Powder
  • 3 packs of Fiber Powder
  • 2 packs of Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 2 Cooler Bags & Ice Packs



$ 1700

  • 30 Cold-Pressed juices
  • 18 packs of Protein Powder
  • 6 packs of Fiber Powder
  • 3 packs of Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 3 Cooler Bags & Ice Packs



$ 1380

  • 20 Cold-Pressed juices
  • 3 Cooler Bags & Ice Packs
Who should try juicing programs?

Juicing program is beneficial to adults with busy lifestyle and unhealthy dietary. Each bottle of Water Juicery is specially designed for adults who need to balance their diet. Our juicing programs, tailor-made by Akrame Benallal, Michelin 2 starred chef and the professional nutritionist, can improve your body performance by effective detoxification.

We do not recommend people who are under eighteen, pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from certain medical conditions joining our programs. Please consult for medical advice before participating in our juicing programs.

About weight loss
We do not recommend juicing as a way to lose weight, but rather rebalancing your body. You may lose some weight from juicing and this varies for individuals. Weight loss is not unusual as you will cleanse your body toxins, remove retained water and build up food matter in the colon.
We do not recommend intense exercise when you are taking our juicing programs. Yoga, stretching, or other light exercises can help with the detoxification process. If you feel lightheaded or dizziness, please do not continue and rest your body to regain energy.
Juicing Frequency
It depends on your goal and desire result. Either pick a day of juicing or go for a regular juicing pattern together with the 6-day Michelin Chef menu we have carefully prepared.
Sleep Well
Sleep for eight hours a night helps the body to heal and recharge. Also, having regular sleeping habit can assist the body in detoxification.
No Coffee

Coffee can be an irritating drink. Do not drink coffee and avoid toxic food intake throughout the cleansing process since the body needs time to remove toxins. Additional toxin intake may slow the cleansing progress down.


People may have different reactions on juicing. If you feel sick, stop juicing and have light food intake. You can have the rest of the juices with normal diet to see whether there is any improvement. Drink more water when you get a headache. If you still feel sick, go to see a doctor.


You can have a normal healthy diet after the juicing process. Eat slowly and avoid eating too much for better body balance.


Keeping your body hydrated by drinking distilled water. This helps to flush out the unwanted toxins and relieves the symptoms caused by detoxification.

Q1.What is cold-pressed juice?
Cold-press is the method by first crushing the vegetables and fruits into a pulp, the pulp then gets hydraulic pressed to maximize extraction of juice from the fruits and vegetables with no heat, in order to prevent decomposition of nutrients. Also, cold-press can prevent the oxidation of the juice to keep the freshness and the taste of the juices.

Q2.Why cold-pressed vs normal juice?
Nutrient retention in cold-pressed juice is high compared to normal juice as the process produces little to no heat, thereby maintaining more of the ingredients’ nutrients that are not retainable in normal juice.

Q3.Why juice?
An average person does not eat enough servings of fruits and vegetables per day due to their busy lifestyles. One of the easiest ways to add it back to your diet is by juicing. Although eating fruits and vegetables provide you with a generous amount of vitamins and minerals, by juicing, we maximize the amount of goodness that was once locked away in fibers and expelled from our body.

Q4.How do you make the cold-pressed juice?
All our juices are cold-pressed using the traditional Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicers. We first use the Norwalk to gently and slowly grind the fruits and vegetables into a fine pulp, which we transfer into a cloth press bag. Once filled, we place the bag on the Norwalk press plate, where two stainless-steel blades press together and put thousands of pounds of pressure on the pulp. This process is how we extract every last drop of fresh juice from the pulp to provide our high in nutritional value juice.

Q5.When do my juices expire?
Our cold-pressed juices can be kept fresh for 72 hours. We have expiration labels on each bottle and we do not recommend consuming after this expiration date.

Q6.Is there a certain time schedule to consume my drinks? (When to drink the juices?)
We have scheduled eight time slots for having our juice each day (except Michelin Chef menu). Each bottle of juice has a label to show when you should consume. We highly recommend for you to follow our schedule (around every 2 hours) for intake to maximize the benefits of juicing.

Q7.How do I know the nutrition content and energy intake?
The amount of energy and nutrition information are listed on the label of each bottle. Always send us an email if you have any further queries.

Q8.What program should I take if I would like to cleanse?
There are many choices of juice program designed by our Michelin 2 starred Chef, Akrame Benallal and our professional nutritionist, for fulfilling your needs and desire. Either enjoying the juices with a suggested list of foods or train yourself a FOOD-FREE day with the supplements added into the juices. Our juice programs are specially and methodically prepared, so you will receive enough calories per day from the juices to sustain your energy levels.

Q9.How do I use the provided supplements?
To ensure you a balanced and healthy diet a day, our nutritionist has suggested a list of foods to be taken with the consumption of juices. However, if you really want to go for a FOOD-FREE day, there are extra supplements been prepared* and to be delivered to you with the juices. Directions of usage has been printed on each packet. You only need to add the supplements into the juices and shake well before drinking. Below is the chart of supplements and the number of packets to be included in the program/special purchase. (*supplements only included in the Michelin Chef program and special, or else, you can purchase it separately on our website under “Juice Menu”.)

Michelin Chef
Number of packet of supplements
Protein Powder Fiber Powder Pink Himalayan Salt
1-Day 6 1 1
2-Day 12 3 2
3-Day 18 6 3
Q10.Is there any added sugar or preservatives in the juices?
We have no preservatives and added sugar in the juices. Keeping the freshness and the raw taste of the juices is our focus. Drink the juice immediately after the bottles opened and keep the unopened juices in the refrigerator before the expiration date as shown on each bottle.

Q11.Can I cancel before my delivery date?
We do not provide refunds but you may postpone your date by up to 6 months of the original delivery date. 5 working days notification will be needed for the new delivery date.

Q12.Which locations do we deliver to?
We currently deliver to the following locations: All locations in HK Island, and some locations in Kowloon (including Tsim Sha Tsui, Ho Man Tin, Hung Hom, Yau Ma Tei, Mongkok, Kwun Tong). We do not deliver to New Territories, Outlying Islands, and Discovery Bay yet, please contact us should you wish to enquire on deliveries to your area.

Q13.What are my payment options?
We accept payments by bank-in, bank transfer, or by Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, UnionPay through Paypal.

Q14.I’m pregnant/on medication, should I be juicing?
We do not recommend juicing for individuals who are pregnant or on medication as our juices are unpasteurized. Juicing would be a great option for you to pick up after pregnancy due to the high nutrient levels it provides for you to re-balance your body.

Q15.Have other questions?
Please don’t hesitate to email us at

    • Free Water Juicery cooler bag(s) with ice pack(s) upon purchase of 1-Day to 3-Day Sexy Body Programs or 6-Day Sexy Body Programs, otherwise you can purchase one individually from us.
    • Delivery in 2 working days for orders made before 4pm.
    • Delivery will be made between 4pm-8pm on every working day.
    • HK$50 delivery fee to any locations on Hong Kong Island.
    • HK$100 delivery fee to selected locations in Kowloon, such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Ho Man Tin, Hung Hom, Yau Ma Tei, Mongkok and Kwun Tong.
    • No delivery to Outlying Islands & Discovery Bay.
    • No delivery charge is applied if the order is to be self-pick-up at Flat 1907, 19/F, Block B, Ming Pao Industrial Centre, 18 Ka Yip Street, Chaiwan, Hong Kong, from 4pm - 6pm (working days), tel: +852 2325 9368. The order MUST be picked on the assigned date agreed by the customer with our customer service team. Fancy Cheer Limited does not bear any responsibilities or replacements on the order which has been late-picked by the customer.
    • Please contact our Customer Service team by sending emails to for special delivery arrangements beyond the standard delivery areas.
    • Any changes to the delivery date must be made before 4pm, 4 working days before the original delivery date.
    • Additional HK$150 delivery charge each time for any second or further deliveries due to incorrect delivery information or address upon order placement or no response for receipt.
    • HK$150 delivery charge for special morning delivery request (Request must be made 3 working days in advance via email:
    • No refund is allowed after order confirmation.
    • Free postponement of credit within 6 months of the original delivery date after order confirmation (Request must be made 5 working days before the original delivery date via email: ).
    • For the pre-payment by bank transferal or bank in, bank slip must be received by Fancy Cheer Limited before 4pm within 2 working days of your order confirmation on our website via email: Otherwise, Fancy Cheer Limited reserves the right to accept the due order. Delivery will be arranged after confirmation of payment and our Customer Service team will contact you for the confirmed delivery date.
    • $10,000 Value will be valid for 9 months from the date of purchase. $5,000 and $3,000 Value will be valid for 6 and 3 months from the date of purchase. Value Packages cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or special discounts.
    • Customer is allowed to use the balance value from the package value, with the outstanding payment by Paypal process.
    • Prices and juice availability are subjected to change without prior notice.
    • Our juices are 100% fresh, raw, unpasteurized and perishable. We suggest to consume the juice immediately after opening. Otherwise, keep unopened and refrigerated before expiry date as shown on the bottle.
    • Fancy Cheer Limited reserves the right to change the order date based on our terms & conditions and delivery schedules.

Information contained in this website is for educational purposes only. Fancy Cheer Limited does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure any disease or claim to heal illness. Individuals with health problems should seek professional medical advice before undergoing a cleanse program or using our products. Our juices are COLD-PRESSED, UNPASTEURIZED and PERISHABLE, where harmful bacteria could be present, therefore may not be suitable for elderly, young children, those who are pregnant, breast-feeding, or those with weakened immune system. Fancy Cheer Limited will not be liable for any illness/sickness occurrence whilst on the cleanse program.

For further enquiries
please contact us at or call us at +852 2325 9368.