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Cold Pressed Juice Delivery in Hong Kong

Why Water Juicery ?

Run by an enthusiastic team of juice-lover in Hong Kong, Water Juicery has a bit of an obsession with making tongue-tantalising fresh cold-pressed juices with best ingredients – fruits and leafy greens, while injecting a punchy dose of creativity and inspiration for urban élite in HK. 

Experimenting with mixtures of bright and fruity flavors, our Michelin-starred Chefs from France dream up an array of cold-pressed juices, detox juices, and juice cleanses that are extremely low calorie, vibrant as well as nourishing to supercharge and reshape your body.  When you start juice diet plan with these tasty delights in a hectic day, you’ll fall in love with the fresh burst of energy that comes along.

Pretty and color-popping packaging adds a little poetry in the details, ready to brighten up your day with an uplifting positivity.

  • Get the best out of nature
    Get The Best
    Out Of Nature
  • Enjoy the great taste
    Enjoy The
    Great Taste
  • Get your daily dose of fruits and veggies
    Get Your Daily Dose
    Of Fruits & Veggies
  • Give your body a break
    Get Your
    Body a Break
  • Give your body a break
    Go Green, Save
    the planet
  • Find your zen
    Find Your Zen
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1 DAY    8 Timeslots    10 bottles


Start the day with a tasty and nutritious breakfast. You can concentrate better, solve problems more easily with better muscle coordination.


A nourishing midday meal can provide the fuel you need for an energetic afternoon. Skipping lunch is a bad idea as it makes you tired, irritable and difficult to concentrate.


Dinner is to be enjoyed at the end of the day. Choosing high fiber carbohydrates and lean proteins can minimize the burden on your digestive system.


A light snack or drink before you sleep gives you a feeling of fullness and keeps you hydrated during the long night.